Why I Wrote
Dead Men Rising

As a young man and pastor, I wanted to live in a manner pleasing to God. Other Christians pointed me to key passages such as Romans 6 and Galatians 2:20 telling me the truths of these verses would help me greatly. I thought deeply about them because I believed that if I could grasp what it meant to be dead to sin I would find answers to the problems of temptation and sin that I often faced. I read several books and heard many messages on this topic. They were helpful and I am grateful for the ministry of others to me.

But as I continued to listen, read, and learn, I began to suspect something was wrong with the popular exposition of these great passages. Learn more.

Romans 6 Lecture at
Great Commission
Pastors Conferece

We are grateful for the 100-125 men who came early to the Great Commission National Pastors Conference to dig deeper into God's word! Our topic was "Romans 6 - What Does it Mean to Be Dead to Sin?" For a copy of my lecture on Romans 6 - "How Dead is Dead to Sin?" click here.

You may also download the PowerPoint presentation here.

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