Swimming Against the Current of Popular Thinking

Posted on March 15th, 2012

When I looked at my notes in that 3-ring binder on my shelf, I knew I had a huge task ahead of me. This was not an easy topic to tackle. Many had written on it before, and I knew I would be swimming against the current of popular thinking.

But I jumped in and my first strokes were to re-examine all my notes, page by page, making new comments and refreshing my mind on the details of the issues. Several weeks later when I finished, I decided that a good project would be writing a warm-up paper.

For several weeks I worked on this paper and finally self-published it with the long and daunting title of "The Sanctification of Human Nature and the Believer's Death to Sin." Such a long title was a throwback to older books, written centuries before, where the title actually said something. I didn't care if it wasn't snazzy, like Dead Men Rising (do you think that is snazzy?). I just wanted to engage fully once again after letting the topic lie still for many years. And I wanted to share it with a few brothers for their feedback.

I gave a copy to one of my dear friends, Herschel Martindale, and asked him to read it. I was so excited when a few weeks later he emailed the following to me:

Well, I finally concluded on the paper. I think that I agree with you on everything. I think that you did a fantastic job on that paper. Your research and development were really great. Your writing was also great. Congratulations, my dear friend. I need to confess, that I went into the paper with a position on two natures. I still need to check up a little on Galatians 5, but on what you covered, I think that it is great, and I definitely changed my understanding of several things. THANKS for your hard work.

As you can imagine, I was excited to receive this email from my friend and from a man who is an esteemed teacher of God's word around the world.

That was the extra motivation I needed. With this warmup project behind me I was ready to swim into the depths of this topic. The result was Dead Men Rising: The Death of Sin ||The Rise of Grace.

Herschel has read the entire manuscript of DMR and has now written an official endorsement which you will find on my Dead Men Rising webpage. He says, "It is probably the best commentary on Romans 6 I have ever read." He is telling others about it and always asks when Volume 2 is coming out! First things first. We have to get this one out, then, by God's grace I will continue my commentary on Romans 6:15-8:13. There is much more to clarify.

But for now, I hope you will plan on purchasing a copy of Dead Men Rising for yourself, for your pastors, and for other Christian leaders.

To God be all the glory!

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